Shmuel (Samuel) Halkin

Tiefe griber, roiter leym
Transliteration: Translation:
Tiefe griber, roiter leym-----
Kh'hob almol gehat a heym.

Frieling---flegn seder blieen,
Harbststeit----flegn foiglen tsieen,
Vinter----flegt dort faln shnay,
Itster----bliet dort vind un vay.

S'hot mein heym a brokh getrofn,
Tier un toyer zeinen ofen
Far die roytskhim, far die shinder,
Die, vos koiln kleyne kinder,
Die, vos hengen oif di zkaynim,
Die, vos shaneven nit keynem.

Yor nokh yor zeinen ariber,
Fulle zeinen yene grieber,
Un nokh roiter iz der leym,
Yener laym iz itst mein heym.
Dortn lign meine brieder,
Die tserissene oif glieder,
Die geshochtene in stub,
Die geshosene beim grub.

Tiefe grieber, roiter leym----
Kh'hob amol gehat a heym.
Deep graves, red clay----
Once I had a home.

Springtime----cedars used to blossom,
Autumn----birds used to fly away,
Winter----snow used to fall there,
Now----“Alas and alack” blossoms there.

Disaster struck my home,
Door and gate are open
For the murders, for the skinners,
Those, who slaughter little children,
Those, who hang the elder,
Those, who spare no one.

Year after year have passed,
Those graves are full,
And still redder is the clay,
That clay is now my home.
There my brothers lie,
Those torn limb from limb,
Those murdered at home,
Those shot near the grave.

Deep graves, red clay----
Once I had a home.