Mieczyslaw Wajnberg
Dux 1545
Sonatas for Cello & Piano

Wojciech Fudala, cello
Michal Rot, piano
Enregistrement Les 22 et 23 septembre 2017, Pologne



The life of Mieczyslaw Wajnberg, full of plenty of difficulties and adversities, reflects the history of an entire generation of Polish Jews, who had to face a cruel history fueled by the forces of totalitarianism.
This fate left its mark on the composer’s work, who spent most of his life in the Soviet Union.
As an artist of a “wrong origin,” associated with Shostakovich, Rostropovich and Salomon Michoels, and not creating politically correct music, he was never a favourite of the authorities.
The cello sonatas presented here carry a considerable aesthetic and emotional load, corresponding to the composer’s socio-artistic relations and his cultural roots.
Young Polish musicians – cellist Wojciech Fudala and pianist Michal Rot – successfully face the difficult work of the composer, who in fact belongs to three cultural circles.
The closing the album piano miniature Berceuse, Op. 1, based on a poetic Slavic melody, entwined with a quasi-impressionist accompaniment, is a preview of Mieczyslaw Wajnberg’s great compositional talent being born in the pre-war Warsaw.