Yours, Anne
Music by Michael Cohen
Libretto by Enid Futterman
Based on "Anne Frank, the diary of a young girl" and the play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Playhouse 91 Theatre (Off-Broadway) 13 October, 1985 - (57 perfs)
TER 1118 (LP / CD) / JAY 1391
Cast: 4 men, 4 women
Instrumentation: flute db. clarinet, horn, piano (db. celeste, synthesizer), violin, cello
Betty Aberlin
Trini Alvarado
David Cady
Merwin Goldsmith
George Guidall
Hal Robinson
Ann Talman
Dana Zeller-Alexis
Conductor:  Dan Strickland
Musical Numbers:
  1. Dear Kitty: I am thirteen years old
  2. She doesn't understand me
  3. Schlaf
  4. In the night
  5. They don't have to
  6. Hollywood
  7. Dear Kitty: I have a nicer side
  8. We live with fear
  9. A writer
  10. I am not a Jew
  11. The first Chanukah night
  12. Dear Kitty: It's a new year
  13. We're here
  14. My wife
  15. Dear Kitty: I am longing
  16. I remember
  17. I think myself out
  18. Nightmare
  19. For the children
  20. Something to get up for
  21. When we are free
  22. Much too young
  23. I am only fifteen
  24. Something is new