Bob Hanf (1894-1944)
Veelzijdig Kunstenaar

Concert In De Synagoge Te Zwolle
ISBN 978-90-400-8339-6
CD is included with the book "Bob Hanf 1894-1944. Veelzijdig Kunstenaar"
Live recording 3 October 2006
Netherlands, 2007
Bob Hanf (1894-1944) was quite well-known as a writer. His poem ‘Mijmeringen over de Nachtzijde van het Leven’ (Musings about the Dark Side of Life), published by De Bezige Bij Publishers in the nineteen forties of the twentieth century, brilliantly sketches the oppressive atmosphere of the German occupation. The author Gerrit Komrij has drawn attention to this work again in his anthology of Dutch poetry.
The first biography about Hanf by Toke van Helmond, published by De Engelbewaarder-series in 1981, reveals that he had far more talent at his fingertips than writing. Hanf was also an artist, violist and composer.
For the first time the complete oeuvre of Hanf is now explored by three specialists. The art historian Wim van der Beek assesses his visual work; Kafka expert and literature theorist Niels Bokhove his poems, plays, filmscript and novels, while musicologist Huib Ramaer discusses his musical oeuvre.
This remarkable publication is illustrated with Hanfs’ visual work, writings, including elegant manuscripts, and a CD with new recordings of his songs.
The book includes a foreword by Hanfs’ niece Ruth Tillema-Hanf, who, following in her father’s footsteps, has initiated many Hanf projects.
  • Composed by Bob Hanf (tracks: 1 to 7, 9, 11, 13 to 20, 22, 24 to 27)
  • Text by Bob Hanf (tracks: 8, 10, 12, 21, 23)
  • Lyrics by Franz Kafka (tracks: 16 to 19)
  • Soprano Vocals, Clara de Vries
  • Baritone Vocals, Jasper Schweppe
  • Clarinet, Gerard Zuyderhoff
  • Piano, Steven Faber
  • Violin, Maaike Gerritsen
Sonate Nr. 1 Voor Viool En Piano
  1 I. Molto Allegro
  2 II. Andante
  3 III. Vivace (Attacca)
IV. Molto Allegro - Presto
Drie Liederen Voor Sopraan en Piano
  4 Klagender Jüngling (Lyrics by Abraham van Collem)
  5 Der Giebel (Lyrics by Christian Morgenstern)
  6 Eine Von Den Alten (Lyrics by Rainer Maria Rilke)
Tema Con Variazoni Voor Viool Solo (Christiaan Philippus' Mijmeringen Over De Nachtzijde Des Leven )
  7 Moderato
  8 Zang I, II, IV Uit 'Mijmeringen'
  9 Poco Più Vivo - Tempo Primo
10 Zang IX, X Uit 'Mijmeringen'
11 Semplice - Più Allegro
12 Zang XI Uit 'Mijmeringen'
13 Tempo Primo
Les Deux Amants Voor Sopraan, Bariton En Piano
14 Les Deux Amants
Trübe Nacht In Frost Und Schnee Voor Sopraan En Viool
15 Trübe Nacht In Frost Und Schnee
Der Neue Advokat Voor Bariton En Piano
16 I. Allegro (Man Wird Mit Dem Dr Bucephalus Bekannt Gemacht.)
17 II. Andante (Sorgen Des Dr Bucephalus.)
18 III. Vivace (Bucephalus Tummelt Sich - Dabei Fallen Ihm Weitere Sorgen Ein)
IV. Allegro (Niemand Kann Nach Indiën Führen.)
19 V. Poco Adagio (Dr Bucephalus 'At Home')
Kleine Suite Voor Viool En Klarinet, Bewerking 2006 (Twee Prozafragmenten)
20 I. Prélude (Allegro)
II. Canon (Andante) (Adapted by Jos Martens)
21 Uit 'Daniël, Het Weeskind'
22 III. Intermezzo (Vivace) (Adapted by Jord Homan)
23 Uit 'Jeremias Kelder'
24 IV. Arietta (Moderato)
V. Finale (Presto) (Adapted by Xander Driessen)
Drie Liederen
25 Le Clair De Lune (Lyrics by Louis Betrand)
26 Le Bel Alcade (Lyrics by Louis Betrand)
27 Rosetta Tanzt Und Sing t(Lyrics by Georg Büchner)