Sándor Veresss
Chamber Music (String Trios) (Hungarian Serenade)
Naxos 8.551406
Offenburg String Trio
Frank Schilli (Violin), Rolf Schilli (Viola), Martin Merker (violoncello)
Total Playing Time: 1:14:59
In Hungary at the beginning of the 20th century, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály were collecting and making analytical studies of Hungarian folk music, creating a new interest in the native music of their homeland.
This album, featuring rarely heard works from the succeeding generation of Hungarian composers, presents a distinctive portrait of the Hungarian music scene from the interwar years to the 1950s,
by composers who faced discrimination or paid the ultimate price for their Jewish heritage
1. Szatmári táncok (Szatmár Dances) 2:30
Géza Frid : Trio à cordes, Op. 1
Offenburg String Trio
2.   I. Allegretto 5:45
3.   II. Andante cantabile 4:18
4.   III. Allegro giocoso all' ungherese 6:37
Sándor Veress : Sonatina for Violin and Cello
Schilli, Frank, violin
Merker, Martin, cello
5.   I. Allegro 3:16
6.   II. Lento, rubato 2:49
7.   III. Allegretto 3:42
Ferenc Farkas : Notturno, Op. 2
Offenburg String Trio
8. I. Andante 5:07
9. II. Allegretto 5:33
László Weiner :  String Trio, "Serenade"
Offenburg String Trio
10.  I. Andante - Allegro 4:57
11. II. Adagio 5:14
12. III. Allegro 4:06
Sándor Veress
Offenburg String Trio
13.   Somogyi táncok (Dances of Somogy) 3:30
Rezső Kókai : Serenade
Offenburg String Trio
14. I. Allegro 6:09
15. II. Recitativo, Notturno e Canzone 7:02
16. III. Allegro moderato, quasi tempo giusto 4:24