Princetown Singers
  1. Barber: Reincarnations
  2. Tromboncino: Come Haro Dunque
  3. di Lasso: Chi chili chi 
  4. Weelkes: Death Hath Deprived Me of My Dearest Friend
  5. Sametz: On the Death of a Friend
  6. Stanford: Magnificat in G (with the American Boychoir)
  7. Sametz: Magnificat (with the American Boychoir)
  8. Palestrina: Exultate Deo
  9. Poulenc: Exultate Deo
  10. Milhaud: Babylone
  11. Dallapiccola: Due Cori di Michelangelo Buonarroti
  12. Sametz: in time of (with the American Boychoir and trebles of the Princeton High School Choir).