The Legendary Mahler 10th Performance That Started All The Fights and Nonsense
BBC's Illustrated Introduction to the Tenth Symphony
with Deryck Cooke playing and speaking
Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 10 (fragments and completions)

Deryck Cooke, piano and lecture
Berthold Goldschmidt, conductor
Philharmonia Orchestra
December 19, 1960 broadcast

"...Deryck Cooke began work on his score in 1959 in connection with the impending Mahler centenary, and on 19 December 1960, Berthold Goldschmidt, who had assisted Cooke, conducted a partial performance with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. This was a lecture-demonstration for radio, but the objections of Mahler's widow, Alma Mahler Werfel, to any sort of "completion" had to be overcome before there could be a full performance..."

Excerpt from Michael Steinberg's "Symphony no.10 by Gustav Mahler", found at