Erich Itor Kahn (b. 1905, Rimbach, Germany; d. 1956, New York City)
C.R.I. 563
Bagatelle, Inventions, Nenia, Concerto a Due recorded: 9, 10 June, 1987.
Adagio recorded: 2 November, 1987.
Sound studio Nedeltschev Cologne, Germany.
Trois Chanson Populaires, Four Pieces recorded: 10, 11 November 1987.
Ton Studios, West Berlin, Germany.
Three Inventions: Thomas Gunther, piano

Nenia Judaeis Qui Hac Aetate Perierunt
In Memory Of The Jews Who Perished In The Holocaust
Thomas Gunther, piano / John Sessions, violoncello
4. Andante Molto Sustenuto
5.Allegro Moderato, Ma Con Molto Fuoco

Three Bagatelles:
Thomas Gunther, piano
6.Moderato (for Erich Schmid)
7.Adagio, Vivo, Adagio (for Rene Leibowitz)
8.Poco Allegro (for Beveridge Webster)
Trois Chansons Populaires: Catherine Gayer, soprano / Frank Mause, piano
  9.J'ai Repousse La Bonne Rive
10.D'ou Vient Oue Le Soleil S'en Est Alle
11.Dessus L'herbe

12.Adagio (Rhapsodie from Concerto a Due) : Thomas Gunther, piano / Johannes Prelle, violin

Four Pieces On Medieval German Poems:
Catherine Gayer, soprano / Frank Mause, piano
13.Maria Ging Wohl Langs Dem Meer
14.Ich Wollt Mich Zur Lieben Maria
15.Maria Durch Ein' Dornwald Ging
16.Ave Maria, Ein' Ros' Ohn Alle Dorn
Nenia judaeis qui hac aetate perierunt (In Memory of the Jews who Perished in the Holocaust): The main part of this work was composed during Kahn's internment in 1940-41 at the French concentration camp Les Milles. He completed it in New York in 1943.