Sándor Kuti (1908 – 1945)
Silenced - Complete Chamber Music for Violin
Deutsche Grammophon 4815697

Orsolya Korcsolán, Violin
Soloists of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
Géza Hargitai, violin
Mihály Várnagy, viola
Ottó Kertész, cello
Directed by Fanni Szilágyi
Sonata for Solo Violin
Orsolya Korcsolán
  1 1. Allegro 6:20
  2 2. Largo 1:25
  3 3. Allegro molto 2:27
  4 Sonata for Two Violins - Non troppo allegro
Orsolya Korcsolán & Géza Hargitai
Serenade No. 3 for String Trio
Mihály Várnagy, Ottó Kertész, Orsolya Korcsolán
  5 1. Allegro giocoso 4:29
  6 2. Scherzando 2:03
  7 3. Adagio ma non troppo 3:20
Serenade No. 2 for String Trio
Mihály Várnagy , Ottó Kertész, Orsolya Korcsolán
  8 1. Allegro morato 5:26
  9 2. Menuetto I 3:14
10 3. Andante lamentoso 4:34
11 4. Menuetto II 2:37
12 5. Allegro vivace 3:09
String Quartet No. 2
Orsolya Korcsolán, Géza Hargitai , Mihály Várnagy, Ottó Kertész
13 1. Adagio ma non troppo 4:08
14 2. Allegro ciso 4:42
15 3. Poco allegro 1:59
16 4. Grave - Presto 4:55



Bartók and Kodály recognized Sándor Kuti as an exceptional talent and his works were performed by a number of young musicians, who later became the world's most sought-after and most important interpreters of their generation.
The composer's programme includes, the Sonata for Solo Violin, the Sonata for two violins, the Second and Third Serena for string trio and the Second String Quartet
They all remained in handwritten manuscripts in Évas cardboard and are miraculously brought back to life in this CD recording.

Joined by soloists of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, violinist Orsolya Korcsolan pays homage to the remarkable Hungarian composer Sándor Kuti (1908-1945) who tragically perished in the Holocaust.
This unique Album presents a rare and surprising discovery, one that has the potential to rewrite and, in many ways, complete textbooks on 20th-century Hungarian music history.
The exceptional talent of the young composer Sándor Kuti was recognised and praised by Bartók and Kodály, his beautiful and unique works remain a reflection of turbulent times and a testimony to his personal tragedy.
The recording inclus all the surviving chamber music pieces for strings composed by an artist who was silenced - but not forever...

Cinematography: Gabor Szilagyi
Vio Editor: Domonkos Ronai