Westinghouse Full Range High Fidelity
LP 10", no number
The Strings of Stordahl, narrated by Betty Furness 
This is a Westinghouse high-fidelity demonstration record for symphony hall radio-phonograph.
Side one consists of Betty Furness narrating and bringing in excerpts from songs to demonstarte the "new full range sound." 
Side two has no narration and songs are played in full.
1- Prokofiev March from "love for three oranges"
2- Studies in percussion (Hal Rees)
3- Bloch Concerto grosso, (The Pittsburgh Symphony, Steinberg conducting)
4- The continental, (Ray Anthony)
5- Glasounov  The seasons (French National Symphony)
6- Chopin Minute waltz
7- Love Letters
1- Copland  Rodeo
2- Bruch Kol Nidre
3- Les Paul Meet Mr. Callaghan
4- Finale from Symphony no. 2, in b flat major. (The Pittsburgh Symphony)