Label: afrimusik
Catalog number: afrimusik03
Recorded live at the Welgelegen church, Stellenbosch, 
27 and 28th October and 3rd November 1999
Produced by Johann Kotze.
Recorded by Jurgen von Wechmar and John Playdon.
Mixed by Jurgen and Johann.
Mastered by Tim Lengfeld.
Design by Johann and Sumi.
Graphics by Sumi
Front cover etching by Lyn Smuts
  1. de Kock : Hommage a Piazolla  / Johan de kock, piano. Derryn Yuill, cello.
  2. Schubert : Arpeggione Sonate  / Stefan Grove, cello. Este Visser, piano.
  3. Gluck : The dance of the blessed spirits / Marietjie Pauw, flute. Annamarie Van Velden, virginal. Michelle Goodburn, cello.
  4. Zuilenburg : Consonances (movements 2& 3) / Trio Cantabile: Daniel Fourie, clarinet. Annette Botha, bassoon. Annalie de Villiers, flute.
  5. Arne : Sonata for two flutes and continue (largo & allegro) / Die Klein Lanzerac-trio: Annalie de Villiers, flute. Lizl de Villiers, violin. Anjulie de Vos, cello.
  6. Chopin : Nocturne no 1 in b flat minor / Andrew Beck, piano
  7. Nieuwenhuis : Delta Turn  / Riaan Nieuwenhuis, piano.
  8. Bach-Loure : Sonata: Partita no 3, BWV 1006 / Piet de Beer, violin.
  9. Bloch : Prayer from "from Jewish life" / Michelle Goodburn, cello.  Este Visser, piano.
  10. Kokopeli : Hoover  / Marietjie Pauw, flute.
  11. Hymn/Gesang 294 “Onse Vader” / Rudi Olivier, organ.